Wootin’ Web Wednesday: Social Media – It’s all in the Name

ADGI-social-media-butterflySOCIAL MEDIA: as the name implies, it’s all about being social 

Before the internet, being a “Social Butterfly” was a necessity to many successful businesses.
The [sales] social butterfly needed to be socially dynamic, charismatic, a networker and personally gregarious—all great attributes in sales.

In today’s business, “Social [media] Butterflies” can have the added advantage of also engaging online 24/7 with conversation and charisma.

Here’s how…

Engaging in online conversations
Likes, shares and comments are how you make friends (aka “followers”) in social networking. Consistent updates with rich content or a clear call to action is how you keep those followers engaged. By keeping your updates consistent, you stay first in mind.

Keep it short & sweet
We can’t say this enough. Keep your updates or posts short, sweet and to the point. Your audience may be busy and on-the-go, but they still want to hear your voice. By providing them with an engaging easy-read, you’re helping to build your customer’s brand loyalty. Keep it interesting, and your customers will keep coming back.

Enough about me, let’s talk about you
Using social media to only talk about your company or brand will get boring to people. Point blank. Think of it like this: you’re a having a conversation with someone and all they talk about is themselves. Not asking what the other person is interested in or what their opinion is can be a turn-off. By engaging in meaningful two-way conversations, you build your brands online engagement in a positive and welcoming light.

Embrace the competition
Instead of ignoring your competitors online efforts, try viewing your competitors as your peers instead. Showing subtle support for one another’s work is a good way to build a positive online reputation for your brand, and also earn respect on the web. By all means, we’re not saying to share your local competitors work, but it doesn’t hurt to approach the subject in a slightly different way.

The bottom line: by acting as a social butterfly on social media, you can and will successfully build your brand’s online engagement. 

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