In the Know/How: Oh Snap! Is technology changing our conversation—yet again?

"Man Taking Photo With Mobile Phone" by adamr

“Man Taking Photo With Mobile Phone” by adamr

As the internet becomes more real-time, conversations continue to become more instant, and this is where we see photography and video content steadily on the rise. With the introduction of video platform applications, having conversations with your friends or family are quick and easy—but most of all, the trend is about fun and perishability

“Snapchat.” Snap-what?
Snapchat is one of the newer photo/video messaging applications. Snapchat’s main feature? The photo or video message that you send self-destructs after the allotted amount of time that you choose, which is between 1-10 seconds. Those who want to keep “in the know/how” tend to find the app a bit addictive. Essentially, the Snapchat app allows anyone with a smartphone to take a picture, draw on it, add a line of text and send it to friends to view for up to 10 seconds. Here are links to the Snapchat blog and the download link in the app store.

Why is self-destruction desirable?
This may sound weird, but it has its benefits. Here’s the deal: Snapchat is an application that is only formatted for your mobile phone – unlike other photo/video applications (like Instagram), Snapchat doesn’t save the images or videos you capture. “What makes Snapchat so addictive, according to the standard refrain, is that it lets people send incriminating pictures guilt-free. Instead of us being self-destructive, it’s the messages that self-destruct.” writes Huffington Post. Snapchat also allows you to save space on your phone for important images rather than images of you & your friends making ugly faces to each other in your downtime.

Still confused as to it popularity?
The addict-ability seems to be in the user’s “snap” decision to connect in and focus. Once we’ve opened a “Snap”, it sticks around for only seconds, nothing more. The idea is to share a focused, quick and to the point idea, joke or experience with friends & family. Viewing a “Snap” allows for the elimination of distractions from the outside world and requires a commitment of undivided attention to this single task of engagement, if only for a fleeting moment. “These ephemeral messages have proved so irresistible that both Apple and Tinder last week unveiled their own Snapchat-style clones. That’s in addition to the half-dozen ephemeral messaging apps that have debuted since Snapchat’s 2011 founding,” writes Huffington Post.

As with all technology, there are some questionable sides of Snapchat…
While Snapchat is a definitely a fun photo/video app for you and your friends, there are some reasonable concerns that should be mentioned. Although the app was designed to self destruct images quickly, part the addictive nature of the app has led users to up the ante by trying to screenshot the image prior to its destruction to keep and repost on other social sites indefinitely. Here is a great article that explains some pitfalls in snapchatting: What Is Snapchat and Why Do Kids Love It and Parents Fear It?

As technology continues to progress at an increasing speed, we hope that this helps you to navigate the world of social media and and its impact on your business. By being “in the know/how,” you and your business can be better prepared with a successful branding campaign that evolves with technology.