In the Know/How: A Balancing Act in Content and Design

The do’s and don’ts of building memorable blogs


"Spheres Balance" by Danilo Rizzuti

“Spheres Balance” by Danilo Rizzuti

Don’t let anyone tell you any differently – blogging is still a big deal in the business world.

If you’re doing it right, a well-designed and professional business blog can push your product straight where you want it: to your desired target audience. Before buying into pay-per-click advertising, try investing in rich-content that builds online engagement.

Here are some critical do’s & don’ts in building a business blog:

1. Spell-check – spell-check, grammar-check, basically “everything-check.” This alone speaks for itself. If you’re not taking the time to review your own work, how do your customers know that you will take the time to review their’s?

2. Re-read, edit, re-read and edit again – be thorough. Coming off as unprofessional isn’t cute and once it’s published online, your audience has immediate access to it. Don’t let them catch you slipping.

3. Share links to your blog posts on your social media – cover all your bases. A great practice in managing social media is making sure that your content is consistent across the board. Not only do you reach all your followers regardless of what social media platform they favor, but you send out the same message – like we mentioned multiple times, consistency is key.

1. Use poor design – either take the time to find a simple and clean template that’s easy to use, or hire someone who knows how to design a well-formatted blog for businesses. We recommend blogging platforms like WordPress because they have a ton of great templates that are uncomplicated & manageable (and a lot of times even free).

2. Make clutter a habit – this relates right back to Don’t #1. The simpler, the better – as the old saying goes, “less is more.” Cluttered content or features look unprofessional and elementary, which is a negative association for any business or brand.

3. Post inconsistently – “inconsistency” alone has a negative connotation, especially in the world of social media and blogging. You want to be sure you are capturing your readers on a consistent basis, not just when it is convenient for you. The best way to avoid this? Make a calendar and stick to it.

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