Tuesday Tips: How to change OOH to WHOA!

Top 3 tips to making OOH (aka Out-Of-Home) branded billboards stop them in their tracks, before racing by!
1. KISS Principle – Keep it Simple S—– – your entire message needs to be short enough to read  or imply in 4-5 seconds or less. The road calls for many distractions select a single message, then keep it short and to the point.
2. FONTS Matter – The bolder the better. Use all caps sparingly on ONE or TWO easy to recognize words; sentences are easier to read in upper & lowercase.
3. COLOR Pops – The use of color CONTRAST and VALUE contrast tends to work best for immediate reads.

A side note when choosing TECH versus OLD SCHOOL
There are two top types of OOH: Digital (LED) and Traditional (Vinyl). If using large areas of white in the design, it’s best to choose traditional vinyl. White as a large area is not as effective on digital billboards. If you need to have multiple messages though out the day, week or month, it’s best to go digital.

Childrens-Advocacy-Center-Billbord - Absher-DesignClick the video link below presented by Lamar Advertising Company that shows quickly how ‪Out of Home Advertising can be uniquely creative.