Fetchin’ Finds Friday: refreshing white and water

The fine art of soothing the soul through color & element

During a recent trip to NYC, our art director visited a few of the galleries located in Chelsea’s Art District of NYC. Here’s what peaked her interest. 

White sculpture

“I don’t know if it was the heat of the July day or the pure need to quench my creative thirst for something more focused on simplicity & serenity, but on this day I found it especially refreshing to focus on what I’m summarizing as ‘white’ and water,'” Lisa Absher explains. “It started when I saw NY artist Tara Donovan‘s featured exhibition at the Pace Gallery (which I’m told will be there until August 15, 2014). Donovan’s incredible work is formed by the repetition of thousand and thousands index cards and acrylic rods to create two captivating room-sized sculptures that are a must see in person—photos don’t do its scale justice. Then I strolled to BDG NY gallery where I instantly felt refreshed by the work of two artists: NYC artist Elizabeth Allison’s large scale watercolors and French artist Ayline Olukman’s mixed media works of women in vintage swimsuits floating in pools of aqua blue water. I was instantly filled with emotional bouancy and serenity as I entered the gallery filled with watery works of art that cooled my mind before leaving the gallery to the hustle & bustle of the city’s early evening rush hour…” Lisa comments.

Here is a gallery of the cools pools that Lisa found refreshing to view, as well as room-sized amorphic sculptures that dwarfed gallery-goers in bright white, a color trend that PANTONE forecasted earlier this year.

– To see Donovan’s work currently on display at the Pace Gallery in Chelsea, click here.
– To see Elizabeth Allison’s current work on display at BDG NY Gallery, click here.
– To see Ayline Olukman’s current work on display at BDG NY Gallery, click here.