Examples in Clear Value Statements, From the Creative Director

Made in America: more than a label—a social & value statement

Recently, I traveled to Brown University to attend A Better World by Design. ABWxD is a Brown/RISD annual combined tech and design conference that hails a community of collaborators and presenters from around the world. The speakers and presenters captivate, amaze and motivate attendees by networking and sharing social, design and tech ideas for the future. “Made in America” was one of the many ABWxD’s “Panels + Roundtables” I attended. Here, I was introduced to five designers of incredible talent who decided to launch their brands under the “Made in America” social and design statement. These designers and manufacturers made a conscious effort to look beyond price—they also focus on quality control, safety and the ability to give back to their community with local jobs for a strong company value statement and social message that anchors their brands.


  • Susan Mocarski (panel host and speaker), is the designer of the Cleverhood: urban outerwear for rain-or-shine; US made; born in Providence, RI. Susan stated that manufacturing locally is important [to her] to provide businesses and jobs to the domestic garment markets.
  • Speaker Devin Montgomery introduced SparkMade, an independent product marketplace and exchange platform for designers, makers and users who want to buy US products.
  • Speaker Steven Kimura: artist and designer at Owner Operator spoke about his designs of American-made snowboarding outerwear and products as well as it’s manufacturing challenges and advantages.
  • Speaker Alizah Holstein is the designer of Kowalli, an American made baby carrier and accessories line around the US and worldwide. Her company has always used quality American products and local manufacturers who employ and support single moms to make the award winning Kowalli® line. More here.
  • Speaker Matt Cavallaro, designer of Nest Homeware, created a line of cookware using cast iron, wood and ceramics, where every product is proudly made in the USA.

    What is a value statement?
    A value statement is a declaration that informs the customers and staff of a brand’s top priorities and core beliefs. Companies often use a value statement to help them identify with and connect to targeted consumers, as well as to remind employees about its priorities and goals.
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