Fetchin’ Finds Friday: 21 Swings – an exercise in community participation in public spaces

From the Creative Director:

While at the 2014 “A Better World by Design (ABWxD)” conference in Providence RI, I had the opportunity to hear two wonderful speakers from the company Daily tous les jours.

The speakers showcased one of the many art installations in their portfolio. I was most impressed with an installation in an under-used outdoor area at Montréal’s opera house. Their goal was to create an art installation that would tell a story and engage a wide spectrum of age groups and cultures through a creative connection with music. The “21 Swings” successfully engaged the community, and as I see it, connected people to their inner-child with learning and wonder through collaborative art exploration. This interactive art installation was not for passive viewing, but engaged the community with experiences of interactivity through sound and sight. To learn more, click on the link below to see how their design stimulated a community.